Acronyms and Abbreviations

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Most recent additions:

SSRI- Secure Storage and Retrieval of Information
SSR- Satellite System Receiver
OBER- Office of Biological and Environmental Research (US DOE)
SSPS- Solid State Protection System
MPC- Milk Protein Concentrate
OSL- Open Source Lab
BDD- Business Desktop Deployment (Microsoft)
MoFo- Mozilla Foundation
SPA- Society of Professional Accountants
WFM- Workflow Management
ACU- Arithmetic & Control Unit
BESA- Biomedical Engineering Students Association
FACS- Frame and Cable System (telecom)
IBBM- Internet-Based Business Model
SSBTC- State Street Bank and Trust Company
WDI- Walt Disney Imagineering
MMB- Medium Messaging Benchmark
IFAK- Individual First Aid Kit