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Eyewitnesses said the 'copter was in trouble for some time before it smashed into the ground and burst into flames.
Eyewitness Michael Brennan said that a part of the 'copter seemed to fall off while it was still in the air.
Other witnesses said the 'copter appeared to disintegrate just before it hit the ground.
Bernie McDonnell said she heard a loud noise as the 'copter flew over her house at Cornakelly seconds before it crashed.
Michael Masterson, who also lives close to the crash scene, said the 'copter was in obvious trouble.
Although the 'copter was flying in poor weather, experts believe that this is unlikely to have caused the crash.
But the ground the 'copter cops must cover is still immense.
IN THE COCKPIT: Captain Nige Pitt and PC John White, top, and pictures from the 'copter of part of the search area, left, and the woman on the pier, circled right Main Picture by IAN McINTYRE