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007Bond, James Bond (Ian Fleming)
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In the United States, the news broadcasts the evening of the disappearance of KAL 007 reported that the missing aircraft had landed safely on Sakhalin Island.
European audiences got their first look at the 1964 Ford Mustang in Goldfinger, where 007 uses a tyre slasher on it.
Which actor plays James Bond in the latest 007 film?
April 1968: Broccoli and Saltzman narrow the search for the new 007 down to five candidates: John Richardson, Anthony Rogers, Robert Campbell, Hans de Vries and George Lazenby.
Dr No, based on the novel by Ian Fleming and starring Sean Connery as Bond, was the first 007 film to be released in 1962.
It could also double as a detonator for any mines or explosives 007 had placed.
Sony claims McClory is the co-creator and co-owner of ''an original cinematic Bond character'' with separate rights to exploit the 007 character.
Taking in scenes from Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Moonraker, Licence to Kill and Die Another Day, 007 Legends plays out as a first person shooter, using the same engine as last year's GoldenEye Reloaded.
It means that buses will now go from Halesowen bus station, along Church Croft and Richmond Road, on to Stourbridge Road and along Alexandra Road where it will join the old 007 route.
The DBS was seen in spectacular fashion in the 007 movie Casino Royale, which starred the new Bond, Merseysider Daniel Craig.
The actress - who has two children with screenwriter husband Ol Parker - is competing against Diana Rigg's daughter Rachel Stirling and Oz actress Rose Byrne for the role in the 21st 007 adventure.
Fans of 007 should be aware that MGM has repackaged the latest editions of all the films - the ones with the new extras - into three gift sets: ``The James Bond 007 Special-Edition DVD Collection, Volumes 1-3'' (each set lists for $124.