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1-DOne Dimensional
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To develop a simplified/parametric and valid 1-d model of the CCB assembly, the various features of the CCB assembly are separated into the following 3 groups based on the physical structure of the CCB assembly: 1.
The 1-D EBG structure in Figure 2 was designed to realize wideband operation by lengthening the current path along the meandered line and reducing the fringing field between the neighboring metal patches.
Observations do not agree with the 1-D simulation of the convective core region of a star--the observations suggest that the convective region is larger than the 1-D code makes it out be, which size had been assumed since the 19th century.
While many theoretical studies of such 1-D interfaces predict striking behaviors, in our work we have provided the first experimental validation of those interface properties, said ORNL s An-Ping Li.