1-U1-Unit (1.75 Inches of rack mounting height)
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A compact 1-U full rack width enclosure that uses 78-way D-type connectors for user connections.
The remotely managed 1-U hub can automatically bypass ports when it detects a loss of signal or the loss of valid synchronization patterns, allowing the other nodes in the network to remain operational.
The appliance is available in Five different configurations, in 1-U and 2-U Form factors, offering From four Gigabit-Ethernet ports on the base single-CPU machine, up to 14 on the dual-CPU top configuration.
The Series II Angled Faceplates allow angled positioning of Clarity(6) and Clarity(5E) Series II modules, as well as other 1-U flat Series II modules.
Offering spike and surge protection, the modular PDUs can support a couple of servers in a rack to up to 42 1-U servers.
The compact design allows four units in 1-U of rack space, and features SSL v2/v3 encryption.
The switch includes plug-and-play setup (no software required) and hot-pluggable capability, functions as an easy-glide 1-U rack drawer, and has two status LEDs dedicated to each port (online or selected).
The unit saves rack space by offering 24 amps of power in a 1-U tall package, eliminating the need for multiple power sources.
Designed to house the company's Fiber media converters for local and metropolitan area networks, the 1-U high, 5-Module Managed Power Chassis can be mounted in a 19-inch or 23-inch rack, and features dual hot-swappable, redundant AC or 48 VDC power supplies.
The devices can operate as standalone converters, or can be rackmounted into a PowerTray/18 chassis to provide 18 conversions in a 1-U high space.
The 1-U DSR unit captures the analog signals from a keyboard, monitor and mouse, converts them to digital packets, and then compresses the signals so that they may be transmitted securely across TCP/IP connections.