10-18Urgent (police code)
10-18Any Message for This Unit? (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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Today, 83% of youth ages 10-18 years old, cite parents as the leading influence in their decision to not drink at all, or not to drink on occasion, which is up 28% proportionally from 2003.
Nearly half of parents surveyed (46%), reported talking with their 10-18 year-old son or daughter four or more times in the past year about the dangers of underage drinking, and a nearly equal number (42%) of youth ages 10-18 reported speaking as frequently with their parents, grandparents, or another adult caregiver on the issue.
1) Brian Coronel, left, and other Jordan Middle School students show their Got Wheels passes, which enable kids age 10-18 to take free bus rides around Burbank.
About the research The Century Council contracted with Toluna to conduct an online survey of parents with at least one child ages 10-18 living in the household.