10-20Location (police, ham, CB radio code)
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centimetres likely, with centimetres in northern Ireland, and the "Two to five centimetres of snow is likely fairly widely, with 10-20 cm in places, mainly northern Scotland, Northern Ireland, north Wales and the Midlands.
Knock `em dead in this scoop neck tweed jacket, sizes10-20, pounds 49, and rouched tweed skirt, sizes 10-20, priced pounds 25.
While we normally allot a minimum of 3-5 minutes for warm-up, we sometimes perform 10-20 minutes of warm-up activities prior to stretching.
Moore's Law states that the number of transistors that can be packed on a chip doubles every 18 months, but many scientists expect that within 10-20 years, silicon will reach its physical limits, halting the ability to pack more transistors on a chip.
During: Drink 28-40 oz of fluid per hour of play (at least 7-10 oz every 10-20 minutes).
National League - Spreadex (1pt run won by, 10pts wkt won by): Kent/Leics (h) 0-10, Somerset/Northants 10-20, Yorkshire/Gloucs 0-10, Glam/Durham (h) 15-25, Notts/Derby 0-10, Surrey/Middlesex 10-20, Warwicks/Hants 5-15.
Michael Reedy, president of Reedy International, says his customers typically can reduce melt temperatures 10-20 [degrees] F by using only 0.
As Healthcare Costs Rise 10-20 Percent Annually, Small Businesses Shift Costs to Workers.
The company is operating two pilot production lines: one for film (layflat widths of 10-20 in.
The survey showed that 30 percent of small accounts experienced no change in premium rates, while 42 percent had premiums down 1-10 percent, and 12 percent dropped 10-20 percent.