10-35Confidential Information (police code)
10-35Major Crime or Incident Alert (Alabama Public Safety Radio Code)
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To achieve the merger of the Drain and Yoncalla departments, voters must pass both measures 10-33 and 10-35.
These pieces of space are extremely small, having length scales on the order of 10-35 meters, compared to 10-15 m for the diameter of a typical atomic nucleus.
The new single-pole connector in the robust IP 65 plastic housing is designed for stranded wires from 10-35 mmU and is available in both crimp and axial screw.
Speaking to KUNA, Al-Ujairi said the prevailing wind would bee fair to light north westerly to northerly, with speed of 10-35 km/h.
Kirkheaton Con 10-67, Bradley and Colne 10-56, NewMill A 10-56, Milnsbridge BC B 10-54, Lindley ib B 10-53, Hudds RUFC 10-51, Thongsbridge B 11-44, Cowcliffe 11-43, Marsden Park 10-43, Elland CABC B 10-40, Linthwaite Hall 10-36, Dalton 10-35, Syngenta B 10-16.
Paintless dent repair is a profitable area of the automotive repair industry, with an average gross income per repair of $100, an average repair time of 10-35 minutes and little overhead," said Paul Grzebielucha, vice president and general manager of NeoMedia Micro Paint Repair.
Division I: Roy Johnson (Meltham) 14-39; 2 Steve Whiteley (Meltham) 11-38; 3 Neil Morrison (Outlane) 14-35; 4 Marcus Baines (Crosland Heath) 10-35.
Under-12 boys: 1 King Henry (J Jones 9-29, J Edwards 9-22, T Grimley 8-21, J Pearson 9-22); 10 Woodlands (K Marsden 9-52, R Walker 9-58, S Brown 10-02, B Clay 10-38); 15 Woodlands B (A Taylor 9-50, P Thompson 10-35, T Johnson 11-15, D Clarke 11-01).
Contract notice: Acquisition bins or dumpsters poly boxes with a capacity of 10-35 m3.
The Walker 10-9 Well is a Hosston sand re-entry test with electric log and mudlog gas shows in six individual Hosston sands ranging in thickness from 10-35 feet thick.
Avenida 10-35 zona 1 Tel: 2277-7200 Fax: 22777276 Email: almagarcia@idpp.