100VG100 Voice Grade
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Clark states that HP will continue to recommend 100VG as its primary 100-Mb/s technology for shared environments and emerging multimedia applications, which he expects to proliferate starting in 1997.
Another plus for 100VG is its ability to work with more kinds of installed cable.
The new module provides a smooth migration path to high-speed networks and allows 100Base-T, 100VG, 10Base-T, FDDI and 10Base-FL networks to benefit from connecting to ATM networks.
A migration path from 100VG to Gigabit Ethernet is a saving grace for so many companies like ours.
5521 HP will be participating in a 100VG-AnyLAN Forum press briefing to announce a significant new 100VG player.
HP AdvanceStack 100VG SNMP/Bridge and HP AdvanceStack hubs -- HP AdvanceStack 100Base-T-8TXE, HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7M, HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-14 and HP AdvanceStack 100VG Hub-7E -- are among the products whose prices have been reduced.
HP's broad range of 100Mbps LAN solutions is unmatched in the industry, spanning 100Base-T and 100VG shared-media hubs and switches," said Diane Myers, senior analyst, In-Stat, a Scottsdale, Ariz.
Companies can use their existing networking technologies, including Ethernet, but may need to examine the ability of the network to handle their bandwidth load, choosing to upgrade to higher bandwidth options, such as FDDI, 100VG, 100BaseT, etc.
More than a terabyte of optical storage space and over 600 switched, 100BaseT ports, which have replaced 250, 100VG ports;
To help HP 3000 customers with complex computing environments, HP is offering two new high-speed networking solutions: the 100Base-T and 100VG AnyLAN network links.
The switching hubs also provide a migration device to higher speed technology such as 100VG AnyLAN and ATM.
Currently, the HP Network ScanJet 5 scanner lists for $2,999 for the Ethernet 10base-T version and $3,199 for Token Ring, Ethernet 100base-T and 100VG versions.