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Nevertheless, the heat remains centred in Italy and temperature at Rome's Ciampino airport was nearing 40C again, 10C above the August average.
I found a gunsmith willing to refinish the receiver cover and barrel of my rusty 10C.
The temperature was 10C above the average for 1850 to 1900, putting the world already halfway to the 20C limit to which countries have agreed to curb temperature rises, in a bid to avoid dangerous climate change.
Temperatures in some parts of the region will struggle to creep above 10C.
said it has released the 10C Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera & Communication System for motorcyclists and action sports athletes.
But the Bank Holiday starts with a band of rain crossing all parts with showers especially in the afternoon with temperatures dropping to around 10C - gardeners are warned to beware of frost - and chilling winds.
He said the maximum temperature recorded at Bahrain International Airport yesterday was 15C, with a minimum of 10C.
A spokesman for the Met Office said: "When there has been heavy snow cover, it is not uncommon for temperatures to fall below minus 10C.
At this time of year the average maximum temperature is between 13C and 15C, but over the last few days temperatures have been more than 10C above normal.
HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah -- An upgraded A- 10C, which took off in early January for Moody Air Force Base, Ga.
Bitter winds and temperatures 10C (5 0F) below average chilled Britain yesterday, on what forecasters said was one of the wettest Bank Holidays in recent years.
Powered by an eight-cylinder inverted-vee air-cooled Arug As 10C engine providing 240 horsepower at take-off and turning, this fixed wing, fixed landing gear aircraft was versatile and saw a number of them passed along to Germany's Bulgarian, Croatian, Finish, Hungarian, Italian, Rumanian, and Slovakian allies fighting along side German forces on the Eastern Front.