13AThirteenth Amendment
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The VAIO Fit 13A comes pre-loaded with a trio of apps (there
WARATAHSA A A 13A A A 9A A A 1A A A 3A A A +69A A A 43
This building occupies one of the most desirable sites at Exit 13A, a market that is growing by leaps and bounds," Miller said.
So many women in this supplement (Pages 3A, 13A, 15A, 23A) are identified only by affiliation, whereas the men, almost to a man, are identified by name.
3) If a Federal Reserve Bank concludes that a discount would meet the needs of a depository institution or an institution described in section 13A of the Federal Reserve Act (12 U.
BLACKBURNA A A 38A A A 15A A A 13A A A 10A A A A +2A A A 58
Annual appropriation risk associated with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' 13A subsidy program also exists, but has diminished as the contractual obligation amount has declined significantly over the past several fiscal years.
Tenders are invited for Supply and Erection of Discharge Chute with Liner Plate for Conveyor 13A / B Head end and Seal Plates for Conveyors 13A/B Tail End of ICHS.
PREMIUM GEL: API 13A 90-bbl yield bentonite drilling fluid for freshwater drilling.
LIVERPOOLA A A 37A A A 20A A A 13A A A 4A A A +37A A A 73
The youngsters were annoying other passengers on the 13A bus in Coventry with their noise and 26-year-old Mr Smith, of Earlsdon, tried to get them to behave themselves.
Age Concern, at 13A Saville Street West, has Roy Stephenson leading a "Buying and Selling on E-Bay", special session for the over 50's next Monday from 1.