15AFifteenth Amendment
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The final product (silylated Cloisite 15A clay) was then filtered off and repeatedly washed with hexane, before being dried at 60[degrees]C for 24 h under vacuum.
AEM's new AF1206 fuse is a market leader with current ratings up to 15A, making this series an ideal solution for a broad range of applications; ultrabook, PCs, battery packs, LCD panels, DC/DC converters, DC fans, auto electronics, telecommunication and network devices.
When the car reached near the sector 15A loop, the driver lost control and the vehicle crashed and overturned.
The presence of 6 carriers of serotype 15A on Unit 1 during the carriage survey indicated the potential for continued transmission and disease.
The Ministry of Finance and MPs from the ruling centrist GERB agreed on increasing the maximum sum allowed for cash payments to BGN 15A 000, saying the initially proposed BGN 5 000 limit would have caused inconveniences for the citizens trying to purchase second-hand cars and domestic appliances.
MAN CITYA A A 37A A A 15A A A 10A A A 12A A A A A A -1A A A 55
The 15A is a prime example as it will be a lifeline to a lot of my constituents and it is great to see that Go North East has understood this.
The order is inconsistent with the terms and intent of Section 15A.
The unit comes with a 12-ft power cable, 15A outputs, standard cables with connectors, and a 30A/240V circuit breaker.
Polyamide 6, Capron B135WP from AlliedSignal, was melt blended with two organoclays: Cloisite 15A (15A) and Cloisite 30B (30B).
The new modules feature Mitsubishi Generation 6 chips ranging from 15A, 1200 V to 100A, 1200V.
Other Cities Minimum Temperatures recorded as Islamabad 06A,C, Lahore 07A,C, Karachi 15A,C, Peshawar 07A,C, Quetta 00A,C, Murree 04A,C, Muzaffarabad 07A,C, Gilgit 03A,C, Faisalabad 08A,C, Multan 10A,C, Hyderabad 15A,C.