1SGFirst Sergeant
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1SG cake/ et the-cake/of-the-cake `I ate a/some cake/the cake/of the cake.
38) (ma) Juwan-a a:n ma-s-em I John-LAT cup give-PAST- 1SG.
Can't talk too much about our mission, but those saying hello and thanks are, (from left to right) SSG Codey Lummus, MSG Todd Gerving, 1SG Glenn Myers, SFC Michelle Burkhart, SGT Alex Myers, SPC Jeremy Noorlander.
The Cobras and Team 40th are all very proud of his accomplishment," said 1SG Atkinson.
Cut out the yellow tokens from the ad on page 6 and send them to Cylch Meithrin Gellifor, Ysgol Gellifor, Gellifor, Ruthin, LL15 1SG Taylor, had to
2 Evidence Collected By Sworn statement from DA Form 2823 eyewitness #1 Potential admission Email from suspect to by suspect company 1SG Sworn statement from DA Form 2823 eyewitness #2, potential accomplice Company POW log, signed Excel [R] spreadsheet, by suspect, IDing serial maintained by BN S-2 number and model of weapon Collected On Issues During witness interview on 14 Witness is Aug 09 reluctant to get involved be- cause he works for suspect Forwarded From 1SG to me on Why didn't 15 Aug 09 1SG come forward earlier?
i-s t'ot'r-aya-z kebura-l-e-r 1SG I-go-WPST learn-PTCP-DAT Bezhta-CONT-EP-LAT 'I (masc.
Table 2 PERSON MARKER SOURCE 1SG Mero/miro Possessive 2SG Dero/diro Possessive 3SG Dova (5) Demonstrative 1PL Vorsnos Nor.
Order your free packs simply by writing to Cold Can Kill, Scottish Gas, Number One, Waterfront Avenue, Edinburgh EH5 1SG.
After the brief the SMA asked our 1SG "give me the name of your best soldier in the company.
Send it to: League Against Cruel Sports, Sparling House, 83-87 Union Street, London SE1 1SG.
Supporters can write to the League Against Cruel Sports at: Sparling House 83-87 Union Street London SE1 1SG