24HTwenty-Four Hour Clock (as opposed to12H)
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Buganvilia thrives in warm weather Westland Resolva 24h will stop weeds dead Let Honeysuckle make its own way up
The test methods of the MOR, MOE and 24h TS of the composite board were based on the national standard GB/ T 17657-1999: "Test methods of evaluating the properties of wood-based panels and surface decorated wood-based panels".
Sodium concentration in the body showed the same profiles in both air exposures, increasing significantly 24h after the stressor phenomena.
After 24h, morphological changes in both cells showed growth inhibitory effects at concentrations of 10 and 12 mg/mL of the extract.
In order to stabilize the communication environment using TCXOs, the KT5032F has achieved a high +-100ppb (+-100x10-9) overall frequency stability with optimum specifications for three characteristics: power supply voltage characteristics, 24H aging, and temperature characteristics.
Le delai de 24h a ete necessaire afin de permettre aux controleurs de vol, aux ingenieurs et aux astronautes au sol de terminer les preparations et les repetitions de la sortie au laboratoire NBL (Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory) de la NASA a Houston, a explique la NASA.
Lynx Cry Click 24h Anti-Perspirant (50ml, pounds 1.
24H Architecture seems to have got their priorities right and made an office desert into somewhere you would actually want to be in.
This imposes an exclusive exploitation guaranteeing the continuity of 24h / 24h service and maintenance of works, the materials involved and the approaches.
Moreover, the '24H SERIES powered by Hankook' is the only endurance series to feature more than one 24-hour race (24H Dubai, 24H Circuit Paul Ricard, 24H Barcelona).
In a couple of months' time, a variety of international race teams and drivers will assemble at Dubai Autodrome for the ninth running of the Dunlop 24H Dubai on 9-11 January, 2014.