2CVDeux Chevaux Vapeur
2CVDeux Cheveaux (Citroën automobile model built from 1948 to 1990)
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The 2CV fanatic had owned the car for 21 years and said it was 'like my other child.
CARAZY CAPERS Matt's camo kit and, left, Chris in 2CV
For the two hour endurance race Carter was joined by experienced 2CV racer Pete Sparrow.
Alongside the classic 2CVs, there are invitation classes for cars from the Belgian 2CV series, which have a standard 2CV windscreen, but otherwise look like full blooded racers.
The story is based on the real designers of the 2CV who had to destroy the cars before the German occupation, to prevent the Nazis from using it for the war effort.
Run by the Classic 2CV Racing Club with the British Automobile Racing Club, the event marks the end of yet another superb season of low-cost 2CV motorsport.
You can hire a 2CV or a VW camper van and even electric bikes for a day, half-day or weekend and just head off and explore.
The 2CV was a wartime child of the rural communities of France where the test of a car was whether it would drive over a ploughed field without cracking a tray of eggs, rather than be first away from the traffic lights or sport a designer body.
Mechanically, the 2CV was very innovative with interconnected suspension and an unburstable air-cooled two-cylinder engine which was so tough it could run all day without compliant.
Citroen, a France-based automaker, is developing a successor to the 2CV in Madrid, Spain, before the end of the year.
BACK TO THE FUTURE: 1958's hybrid concept based on the 2CV.
The 2011 event, involving many of Europe's 2CV owner's clubs, promises to be the biggest yet.