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Green 2Day is Skanska s fifth office development in Wroclaw, located next to one of the company s previous developments, Green Day.
One show I'd rather forget is Wimbledon 2day, which makes a real balls-up of the game.
Pass the diet cola CHOICE JUNE 29 neW Wimbledon 2day BBC2, 8.
The earlier ruling said the watchdog did not have the power to find 2Day FM broke the law because it did not have authority in criminal matters.
the message on 2Day FM's Facebook page reads, adding the link to the duo's new Facebook page.
All profits from advertising on 2Day FM for remainder of 2012 to be donated to an appropriate memorial fund
Mel Greig and Michael Christian, from Sydney radio station 2Day FM, have been in hiding and undergoing counselling since their hoax sparked global outrage following the death of the nurse who fielded their call.
Two radio DJs from 2Day FM in Sydney impersonated the Queen and the Prince of Wales earlier this week, duping staff into giving a condition update on Kate, who was being treated for severe morning sickness.
Sydney-based 2Day FM was given a five-year licence condition to provide increased protection for children after a 14-year-old girl was strapped to a lie detector test on air and pressured to discuss her sex life.
She answered their call and, believing the 2Day FM presenters were members of the Royal Family, put them through to another nurse who described Kate's condition in detail.
It's a sad day 2day bcoz during the shoot 2day we lost 1 of our men.
Speaking on The Kyle & Jackie O Show on 2Day FM, she said: "We usually take everyone on a vacation, like everybody, every single person on the tour, band, dancers, crew.