3-MMaintenance and Material Management
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With a 50 ppm sulfur CARB fuel containing the FBC, both the uncatalyzed fiber wound filter supplied by 3-M and a catalyzed Cordierite filter supplied by Clean Air Systems of New Mexico, dropped PM emissions to 0.
499), Ames Laboratories (environmental technology - 613) and 3-M Corp.
The RespAide filter configuration, which encompasses a patented 3-M filter, will be at the forefront in addressing filtration as EFP expands.
MLTI's clients include 3-M Pharmaceuticals, Ciba-Geigy, Harris Corp.
Schmitt plans to move TMA to Portland with key TMA personnel in late May and begin operations to service TMA's existing customers such as: Boeing, Intel, Komag, McDonald Douglas Aircraft, Texas Instruments, 3-M, Eastman Kodak, G.