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It is easy to see you have never loved," replied the councillor, with a look that was pitifully comic; "you are as relentless as article 304 of the penal code.
They help me unpack all of the art -- tons of boxes -- and install the prints here at Artspace 304.
304, "control" of a corporation is defined as the ownership of stock representing at least 50% of the total combined voting power of all classes of stock entitled to vote or of the total value of all classes of stock (Sec.
The results are summarized in Table 1 for 300 K in solvent and in Table 2 for 298, 300, 302, 304, 306 and 308 K temperatures.
The Bombay High Court had earlier held that Section 304 part II of the Indian Penal Code (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) was not applicable in this case and that the actor be tried under 304 A of IPC (rash and negligent driving) and other relevant sections.
Through these cases the SEC has taken the position that--despite a host of constitutional and other legal challenges--personal misconduct by CEOs and CFOs is not a condition necessary to warrant a Section 304 clawback because the CEO or CFO was "driving the bus" while the misconduct occurred.
Delayed fracture of the 304 SS with strain-induced martensite were studied by some researchers [2, 3].
Many public companies have incorporated similar clawback provisions into their bylaws--which may be one reason Section 304 gets little use.
I'm not a lawyer, but I contacted several lawyers who have written on the subject of section 304, and I have summarized some of their thoughts and my own opinion.
The offices at 304 Hudson Street were able to meet all of the company's executive office needs, while remaining in the area for its clientele.
Venice (631) closed with a 305 - second only to Granada Hills' final- round 304 - to edge Westchester (632) for fourth place.
Aircraft 304 had launched for a second round of CQ.