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311Omaha Police Code for Indecent Exposure (band)
311Police Non-Emergency Service Request (Washington, DC)
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The stronger dataset we have to power the 311 system, the more efficient the service will be.
The Nokia Asha 311 comes with a 3 inch TFT capacitive touch screen, rendering 240 x 400 pixels resolution.
Also included in the technologies employed at Toronto 311 are call recording, quality management, and speech analytics, which contact center management uses to enhance operations and better serve customers.
Toronto 311 is also using speech analytics to measure the emotional reactions of residents to city services, which supervisors and agents can then use to anticipate and better deal with high-emotion calls.
Those reports will then be seamlessly logged into Winnipeg's 311 system and automatically routed to the right department, streamlining the ability of residents to connect with city government in near real time.
The son contacted NAVY 311 and his request was expedited to the Navy's Survivor Benefits and Entitlements Branch, which, in turn, produced the proper documentation.
affordable smartphone experience, the Nokia Asha 311 enables consumers to be
The new Asha 311 takes full advantage of the Nokia browser 2.
The Nokia Asha 311 is priced at AED 439 ($119) and boasts a scratch resistant capacitive touch screen powered by a 1GHz processor.
Priced at just Dh439, the beautifully crafted Nokia Asha 311 takes the full touch experience of a mobile device to a completely new price point, boasting a fast and fluid 3.
Asha 311 is the one which packs the best features, It has capacitive touch, wiFi support.
The Asha 311 also comes with 15 levels of Angry Birds pre-loaded onto the phone.