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386Intel 80386 Microprocessor
386Device Driver for 80386 or later microprocessors (file extension)
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With a half-dozen media and tech tenants now making their offices at 386 Park Avenue South, our building is becoming widely known as a hub for creative, new media and tech tenants in the neighborhood," stated Macklowe.
I explain all this because the Model 386 offers many of the same advantages I found in my youth with that long barreled Model 10, but with features I never dreamed of having with my first Smith & Wesson revolver.
The deal was consummated just as the finishing touches to the 386 facade were completed and while plans for an upgrade of the property's streetscape and front entrance, and a full renovation of the building lobby and elevators, are moving forward in full force.
Our initial assessment is that the 186/188 family and the 386 family appear to be in the highest demand with our customers.
Tenants from around the city are attracted to the excellent location of 386 Park Ave.
Our success with 386 Park Avenue South reaffirms the strength of the Park Avenue South market and the wonderful opportunity the purchase of 386 Park Avenue South has presented to us.
The partnership that owned 386 Park Avenue South never counted on one of its own to buy out the other partners.
This network booting software has been tested with all of Parvus' SpacePC CPU boards that offer LAN controllers, including Pentium(R), 586, 486 and 386 models (SpacePC 4320, 4200, 2320, 2200 and 2110).
The nearly 500,000-square-foot project, which is already substantially sold out, has 386 units and an extensive amenity package including a pool, fitness center, direct beach access, 24-hour security and ample enclosed parking.
The proposal is fully supported by the chairman of CEN/TC 386 "Photocatalysis" and will address an important need, not yet covered by the current CEN/TC 386 group, namely the rapid assessment of activity using smart inks which can be also used in field tests.
This new competitive format operated by the company's Computer Sports Network, is designed for use with Links 386 Pro, the top-rated golf game created by Access Software, Inc.