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386Intel 80386 Microprocessor
386Device Driver for 80386 or later microprocessors (file extension)
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We are thrilled to have a tenant like Karhoo join the roster at 386 Park Ave South.
We would not have had to do that if we still had 386s.
First of all, the Model 386, unlike that old Model: 10, is a seven - rather than a six-shooter.
The transaction closely follows the unveiling of the new state-of-the-art 386 lobby, expanded entranceway and elevator modernization, which are all part of the building's nearly completed capital improvement program.
Patients in the trial were randomised to receive paclitaxel via IV weekly, three weeks on and one week off, plus weekly: AMG 386 at 10 mg/kg (Arm A), AMG 386 at 3 mg/kg (Arm B), or placebo (Arm C).
I fear Cathy might just ring him 386 times to give him a piece of her mind.
The most popular network program, NetWare 386, can link up to 250 computers.
The Academy now plans to add an AT&T 486 system to its computer center to provide online access to the library catalog from 286 and 386 PCs in each of its 800 dormitory rooms.
160 sampling points with the following total consumption forecast: Consumption in kwh in the years 2018 to 2021 rlm / in kwh 2018____3 311 851 kwh 2019____2 354 420 kwh 2020____2 354 420 kwh 2021____2 354 420 kwh total 10 375 111 kwh slp / in kwh 2018___1 454 630 kwh 2019___1 386 852 kwh 2020___1 386 852 kwh 2021___1 386 852 kwh total 5 615 185 kwh.
William Macklowe Company has attracted a high-profile new media firm for another of its full-floor pre-built spaces at 386 Park Avenue South, the 20-story Midtown South office building undergoing repositioning.
Contact Mel Chivers on (0191) 386 1652 or Mike Browbank on (0191) 386 6443.