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3ABNThree Angels Broadcasting Network
3ABN3 Angels Broadcasting Network (Christian TV and radio network)
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to provide a new set of standards when it comes to reaching millions of Christians around the world," said Moses Primo, Director of Programming and Engineering at 3ABN and CEO for MOIPTV.
Moses Primo of 3ABN said, "We've been using RRsat's satellite services for over 15 years and this G-19 coverage is just what we needed to reach free-to-air (FTA) viewers from Canada, The United States, and all the way down to Central America.
Its video productions can currently be viewed on two major TV networks (Three Angels Broadcasting Network or 3ABN, and FaithTV, the largest channel on the Sky Angel Network) and its audio programs can be listened to on radio stations across the country.
3ABN is joining over 365 satisfied television and radio channels currently broadcast through our network," commented David Rivel, CEO and Founder of RRSat.
Memorial contributions may be made to Voice of Prophecy or 3ABN.