3DICThree-Dimensional Integrated Circuit
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com/research/ssxvrw/polymeric_material) has announced the addition of the "Polymeric Materials for 3DIC & WLP Applications" report to their offering.
3DIC & WLP technologies process flows & manufacturing trends analysis 10.
5D & 3DIC, in conjunction with new applications like APE, DDR memory, etc.
com/research/9ec9c5/equipment_materi) has announced the addition of the "Equipment & Materials for 3DIC and Wafer-Level-Packaging" report to their offering.
Going forward, the core concepts and fabrication methodology of 3DIC are clear drivers for advancing design, fabrication and system packaging technology of future imaging and other functional sensor devices.
Demand for 'mid-end' tools and related materials is surging, thanks to the growth of 3DIC & Wafer-Level-packaging technologies such as 3D TSV, FO WLP, 3D WLP, WLCSP, 2,5D interposers and Flip-chip wafer bumping.
Harnessing the massive computing power of the cloud to effectively scale 3D electromagnetic simulation to run very large designs is the future of 3DIC, package and board design.
Growth in the global market for 3DIC and wafer-level-packaging will be driven mainly by the expansion of 2,5D interposers and 3D TSV& WLP platforms.
Report highlights : * Up-to-date Key metrics of the memory market: - Per application (more than 30 products screened) - Per type of memory (DRAM / SRAM / NOR / NAND Flash) - In Munits shipment and in 300mm wafer equivalent * Impact of 3-D integration on the memory market and applications * Key players strategy for 3DIC integration with memories * Cost analysis & challenges for TS V manufacturing: - How to make TS V interconnects happen in high volume / low cost memory markets?
Mentor Graphics and TSMC continue collaborating to make sure mutual customers can use ever expanding 3DIC design techniques that are silicon proven," said Joseph Sawicki, vice president and general manager of the design to silicon division at Mentor Graphics.
The demands for higher performance and lower system cost are driving the need for advanced packaging technologies such as SiP / 3DIC which require concurrent analysis of multiple die and package.
Material suppliers Assess the TAM ( total accessible market) for your company's polymeric productsIdentify tech trends, challenges and requirements for each 3DIC / WLP scenarios.