3DMFThree Dimensional Metafile Format
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Vertigo 3D Dizzy includes over 500 3DMF (3D Metafile) models from Vertigo and Viewpoint DataLabs -- 3DMF is Apple's cross-platform 3D file format standard.
Once that content is created, its LiveStyles attributes are saved directly into a 3DMF file so users can view it in any QuickDraw 3D-enabled application, even without the LiveStyles used to create it.
The charting component imports data from Adrenaline Numbers or any tab-separated text files, and saves them in PICT, QuickTime(TM) or 3DMF format.
exchange across Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms -- A standard 3D viewer to view and manipulate 3DMF files -- Extensive 3D hardware acceleration capabilities through QuickDraw
3DMF (3D Metafile) is a royalty-free file format for Windows, Mac OS and UNIX that enables file exchange of 3D objects across platforms.
As I've stated before, we do expect continued pressures on the sales performance of our footwear category into early 1997, until we can offer a substantial number of products with visible Hexalite, advanced DMX and 3DMF technologies at various price points.
Fractal's implementation of Apple's 3D file format, 3DMF, in Ray Dream Studio will allow customers to seamlessly work with complete 3D data, regardless of platform or application vendor.
Z-Art is available in all major 3-D file formats, including: Adobe Dimensions, Alias Sketch, Apple QuickDraw 3DMF, Autodesk 3D, Studio 3DS, Calagari trueSpace2, ElectricImage, MacroMedia Macromodel, Ray Dream Designer, Specular Infini-D, Strata Studio Pro, DXF (for easy cross platform importing) and many others.