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3DOFThree Degrees of Freedom
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Kugi, "Trajectory tracking of a 3DOF laboratory helicopter under input and state constraints," IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol.
A nonlinear mathematical model of ship's low-frequency motions in 3DOF has been developed on the basis of tests carried out on a physical 1/20-scale model of the "Wimpey Sealab" drilling vessel [13].
GUI is provided to visualize forward/inverse kinematics, end effector workspace, and position control of a 3DOF Delta parallel manipulator.
Isoglide3-T3 (Figure 1) is a representative structure of 3DOF parallel maximally regular robots (Gogu, 2008), the most studied in the last period by the robotic researchers under different denominations: Orthogonal Tripteron (Gosselin et al.
Due to the fact that two MTx miniature 3DOF inertial sensor units from Xsens Motion Technologies were available in the laboratory, they have been used for experiments with the prototype device.
Orthoglide is a 3DOF parallel robot (Wenger and Chablat 2000) with three coupled motions of type 3PRPaR (3-Prismatic-Revolute-Parallelogram-Revolute), composed by a mobile platform connected to the fixed frame by three kinematic chains presented in figure 1 (Gogu, 2004).