3ID3rd Infantry Division (US Army)
3IDInternational Institute for Information Design
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I have often wondered what would have happened if there had truly been enough military police in the 3ID "March to Baghdad" and subsequent "Thunder Run" to provide security and mobility along the main supply routes, at gap/river crossings, and through passages of lines and while performing straggler/dislocated civilian control, conducting critical-site/high-value asset security, and working with host nation police to restore law and order.
ADCON(-)/Title 10 responsibilities that remained with 3ID included general court-martial convening authority, installation support, fielding of new equipment, and resources for training approved by the TRA brigade commander.
After moving out all of 3rd ID's Brigades over the last year and a half, SDDC will work on safely bringing back 3ID cargo for training and reset.
The fielding of production terminals to support 3ID transformation is scheduled for completion in September.
2) Operation Hammurabi began under ICD with efforts by MAJ Jeffrey Spears, the ICD GST Justice Chief, but was substantially expanded when 3ID replaced 1CD in February 2005.
Major General William Webster, commanding general for the 3ID, supported the test program and the unit began sending rifles to USAMU for conversion.
HHC crossed the line of departure with the 3ID on 19 March 2003 as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom and quickly became a valuable member of the division team.
The 3ID was advancing quickly, and its division company--the 3d Military Police Company--had to keep up as it pushed north.
His previous assignments include 3d Infantry Division, 101st ABN DIV (AASLT), and V Corps G2 working in various intelligence sections culminating as the Collection and Requirements Manager during OIF 3 and 5 for the 3ID.
Compounding the difficulty of the transition was the fact that during the Brigade's Mission Readiness Exercise prior to final deployment, validation would have to be conducted using the Army's 3ID unit hub node and it's accompanying OSPF protocols.
In the spring of 2002, 3ID was assigned as the Crisis Response Force in Kuwait as a defense against possible Iraqi aggression.
The primary mission for the combat heavy engineers in the movement north was to provide assured mobility to 3ID with the capabilities supplied by construction engineer equipment.