3PLThird Party Logistics (provider)
3PLThird Party Logistics Provider
3PL3 Parameter Logistic Model
3PLPick, Pack & Print Label (warehousing or logistics facility)
3PLThird Party in assisting in management of Logistics and related areas
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Globally, the Asia Pacific region is the largest logistics market, accounting for 39% of total global logistics costs and 38% of total global 3PL revenues.
8 billion in North American 3PL revenues during 2015.
More than 13,000 voters completed the survey for the Readers' Choice Top 10 3PL Excellence Awards.
On the other hand, functions mostly outsourced are still transactional, standardized, and repetitive (Langley and Capgemini Consulting 2012), and the average contract length remains short, reflecting customers' desire to maintain flexibility in their 3PL arrangements (Eyefortransport 2012).
Technavio analysts forecast the 3PL market in India to grow at a CAGR of 8.
Technavio's analysts forecast the 3PL market in US to grow at a CAGR of 5.
Essentially, the report studies 3PL market in key regions along with, demand analysis by revenues generated by different segments of 3PL in these markets.
The report then highlights the evolution of the 3PL along with a workflow indicating.
We look forward to achieving greater successes with our new 3PL partners," added Al Awadi.
The 2009 Top 70 3PL is a list of third-party logistics providers who offer a broad scope of services and capabilities that enable food companies to reduce costs, increase flexibility and improve service levels.
Today, 3PL has emerged as a critical discipline for any organisation that wants to reduce cost and improve customer satisfaction.