3SG3rd Sergeant (Singapore Armed Forces)
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Table 2 PERSON MARKER SOURCE 1SG Mero/miro Possessive 2SG Dero/diro Possessive 3SG Dova (5) Demonstrative 1PL Vorsnos Nor.
He said it is also important for the business community to know that 3SG is a top-level security company, based in Alaska.
3SG is an Anchorage-based managed security provider that serves customers statewide, as well as in Canada and the Lower 48.
Kwalba goe-t'ong k'a muk zak a bottle NOMZ-sit(SG) HEAD(SG) 3SG.
Membership to Tynedale Agricultural Society is pounds 15 a year, details on how to join and schedules are now available from secretary Gaynor Shotton at the Northumberland County Show office, Hexham Mart, Tyne Green, Hexham, NE46 3SG ( tel: (01434) 604216 or log on to info@northcountyshow.
48) fi li-tsyitsya e-fuse le we take:IMP CM-basket 2SG-squat LOC 3SG
3SG PST give APPL ART PL fish PREP mum 'She gave the fish to Mum.
GEN 3SG apply paint shiny 'This house s/he applied shiny paint (to).
3SG milk -DEF Give -IPFV child young -DEF at 'She Is giving milk to the young child.
Nicholas Church, Whiston L35 3SG, on Wednesday 22nd April at 1.
Mantra The Waterside Palace Building 29 Forth Banks Quayside Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3SG 0191 232 6080 www.
Appendix 3: Morphological glossing conventions IDU 1st person dual IPL 1st person plural 3SG 3rd person singular ABL ablative CAUS causative CER certain CNT continuous action DS different subject EMPH emphatic ERG ergative FRQ frequentative HAB habitant of HITH hither INCH inchoative INCP inceptive INST instrumental INT interrogative (.