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Danglars sold yesterday at 405, and pockets 300,000 francs.
The 405 Freeway has gone through various makeovers and funding incarnations over the past 17 years:
If they do, I hope her defense lawyer will introduce an obvious fact into evidence: When the 405 Freeway was built, drivers were not expected to go from 65 mph to a virtual standstill on a quarter-second's notice.
Just across the 405 freeway are the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre and Wild Rivers Waterpark.
I had to laugh out loud when I read politicians from both parties celebrating the ``fast track'' of the 405 Freeway car-pool lane.
Hopefully, the signing of the 405 bill is just a preview of good things to come.
You can see, actually, the traffic that the people have been through year after year after year on the 405 Freeway .
The purpose of the Carmagedon 405 Freeway project is to widen the 10-mile stretch, add a new carpool lane, upgrade sound walls, and demolish and reconstruct the Mulholland Center Dr Bridge.
A pavement crack was spotted Friday in the 405 Freeway shoulder, near the 101 connector bridge above Ventura Boulevard, said Caltrans spokeswoman Maria Raptis.
Expected to be completed autumn 2008, 405 West 53rd Street Condominiums will be a seven story commercial, condo and townhouse development with on-site underground parking available.
The Relion 405 Tower is the workstation equivalent of Penguin Computing's Relion 405 rack mount server.
4 405 was a tax breaker aimed at company car drivers who wanted a larger saloon but wanted to stay in the bottom bracket for car tax.