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406Not Acceptable (HTTP status code)
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Beard arranged the lease at 406 Rogers Avenue on behalf of the owner Neu Projects.
The average demand price was 406 AMD/$1 USD, the average price of an offer was 407,05 AMD/$1 USD.
5-only ELTs should be prohibited, when, whether there is adequate supply and manufacturing capability of 406 MHz ELTs if such a prohibition is put into place and what costs are associated with mandatory transitioning to the newer technology.
The 406 certainly looked more modern with its notchback body and conservative, classic lines.
You hint that 406 is less than adequate in performance and you hint that sales of 406 ELTs have been weak.
English company McMurdo makes a comparable EPIRB, the Smartfind Plus/ G5 406 GPS EPIRB.
A Merseyside police spokeswoman said: "A red Peugeot 406 was driving along Seabank Road, near to the junction with Manor Road when it left the carriageway and was in collision with a tree.
Pininfarina designed most of the Ferrari cars ever built, so it's not surprising that quite a few people reckon the 406 coupe (above) looks like Ferrari's 550 Maranello.
406 MHz EPIRBs have a unique encoded digital message that identifies the owner, thus reducing false alerts
Fleet car running costs for the 406 mean that servicing is reasonable.
Robert DeNiro drove a V6 version in the main car-chase in Ronin and the 406 was the star of the original, French Taxi films.
STRIKINGLY DIFFERENT: The Peugeot 407 will replace the hugely successful 406