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4GLFourth Generation Language
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The reasons for the change were said to be the cost of licensing both 4GL and the mainframe it runs on; the weak roadmap for new functionality for future versions of 4GL; and the difficulty in finding 4GL resources.
Almost without exception, previous field studies have purposely sought out and compared systems written entirely in a single 4GL (for example, FOCUS or LINC) to systems written entirely in a single 3GL (often Cobol).
A 4GL database application can be made quite easy to use with handy features such as context-sensitive help screens, look-up boxes, pulldown menus and prompting messages.
As a result of the ease and speed of development, cost for a complete 4GL package, including software, hardware, installation, and maintenance, is substantially less than comparative 3GL systems.
The beauty of a good 4GL is that all the elements programmers need to create these applications are already there.
A major source of influence for the actual 4GL systems are Query By Example (QBE) [25] and Structured Query Language (SQL) [4, 7] query languages.
For the recently completed fiscal year, 4GL School Solutions Inc.
Updata Partners, a leading IT venture capital firm, today announced that 4GL School Solutions has achieved industry level recognition and major business milestones.