4GWFourth Generation Warfare
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Salman pointed out that bidding will be offered during FY 2014/2015 to generate 4GW from stations operating on coal.
most military thinkers, for a variety of reasons, continued to dismiss the 4GW [fourth generation warfare] concept.
The methodology of 4GW is to use all available networks--political, economic, social, and military--to attack directly the will of the enemy.
From a security perspective, it appears that the rise of jihadism and the present terrorist threat increasingly conform to the 4GW model of military and quasi-military conflict proceeding in an undeclared or unacknowledged manner, in accordance with Ayman al-Zawahiri's description of the Islamist approach to war ascribed to the Prophet Muhammad: "War is deceit [and] triumph is achieved [through] deception.
The government hopes that national hydroelectric generating capacity can be boosted from 4GW to ll.
He defines 4GW as using "all available networks--political, economic, social, and military--to convince the enemy's political decisionmakers that their strategic goals are either unachievable or too costly for the perceived benefit.
Finally, the conduct of 4GW is signified by a shift in targeting and strategy from the disruption of the enemy's logistics (i.
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From its evolution to the revelation that 4GW doesn't attempt a win through traditional military defeats, THE SLING AND THE STONE provides many insights applicable to the Iraq war and beyond.
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We have defined what 4GW is according to its proponents.
All of the plans call for the use of coal and nuclear energy, with coal set to generate up to 21GW, while nuclear power would account for about 4GW.