4GWFourth Generation Warfare
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At the same time, I believe a project of 4GW is too large for comfort and smaller projects built in stages may have been a better idea.
officials have delivered a private response to the JMP, yet the Obama administration's over-reliance on private diplomacy becomes a disadvantage in 4GW.
5GW of hydro, 4GW of nuclear power and 3GW of geothermal energy will be needed.
The entities of 4GW even include WikiLeaks; MasterCard, Amazon, PayPal, and other financial entities that cut WikiLeaks off after its December 2010 dump of State Department documents; and hackers who briefly shut down the websites of the financial entities.
The project would see up to 1,000 turbines built if the entire zone is developed, producing 4GW or enough to power three million homes.
En la tipologia del adversario David, capaz de activar una 4GW, los autores educan nuestra mirada para que contemplemos los mapas bajo una luz distinta: estados fracasados o fallidos, matones o canallas; grupos armados no estatales o guerrilleros, las mafias o delincuencia organizada, y grupos terroristas de caracter local o internacional.
The well-done 4GW attack was directed against "soft-target" nodes, that is, targets that are central points in larger networks whose disruption are thought to have mega-consequences.
most military thinkers, for a variety of reasons, continued to dismiss the 4GW [fourth generation warfare] concept.
In response to 9/11, the United States deployed military forces in Afghanistan and Iraq that were not prepared to confront 4GW opponents.
He defines 4GW as using "all available networks--political, economic, social, and military--to convince the enemy's political decisionmakers that their strategic goals are either unachievable or too costly for the perceived benefit.
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From its evolution to the revelation that 4GW doesn't attempt a win through traditional military defeats, THE SLING AND THE STONE provides many insights applicable to the Iraq war and beyond.