4PLFourth Party Logistics (similar to 3PL)
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While the 4PL concept might make sense in some circumstances, finding a truly "agnostic" 4PL provider--one with no attachments to, or ownership of, transportation or other fixed assets--is difficult, and determining where the company's responsibilities end and the 4PL provider's begin is not always easy.
This form actually represents an upgrading of the already extant 4PL in the form of constant improvements, innovations, and generation of higher added value, increase of profits (Cohen, Young 2005) and competitiveness of enterprises.
Three IRT models precede the 4PL model: the one-parameter logistic (1PL) model, the two-parameter logistic (2PL) model, and the 3PL model.
The group has been acknowledged as a pioneer in 4PL with expertise in cargo andcruise vessel handling, liner agency, bulk vessel handling, naval ship handling, freight forwarding, customs clearance, air cargo, charter flight operations, road transport, ship chandelling, tug owning, travel agency operations, bulk terminal operations and other services connected to the transportation industry.
Figure 1 illustrates a typical ICC for the 4PL IRT model with b = 0, a = 1, c = 0.
In addition to this, our existing freight forwarding, customs clearance and complete 4PL support, provides KNPC the complete logistics services they need,' he added.
With a customer event, DyStar Colours Distribution GmbH, located in Frankfurt-Hoechst, together with 4PL Central Station Deutschland GmbH, officially started up the new European warehouse in Biebesheim.
Frigo Group Logistics offers the 4PL (fourth-party logistics, also known as logistics integration) service with its own cold-stores in the Netherlands, Belgium and France.
com), the industry's leading provider of WMS for small- and mid-sized 3PLs, today announced the release of 4PL Plus for their flagship 3PL Warehouse Manager[TM] solution.
2 January 2014 - Finnish logistics services group Nurminen Logistics Oyj (HEL:NLG1V) said it would sell its 4PL business to the unit's operative management for an undisclosed price.
In fact, the following two case studies demonstrate that working to transform your existing 3PL into your 4PL makes sense if it's done with "cultural integration" as a primary goal.