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502Bad Gateway (HTTP status code)
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FOR MORE FROM DAVIDCALL0905 5150131 1550 502 202 (ROI)
The comment was praise for the spirit of cooperation among the 502 Afghan delegates who drafted the new constitution.
10) The Court concluded that the "comprehensive" remedies in [section] 502 provided evidence that Congress intended ERISA to broadly preempt state law, suggesting that the remedies listed were the only ones available in actions arising from an ERISA-governed employee benefit plan.
Though Gwynn must average six plate appearances over his last four games to qualify, an unlikely event, he doesn't necessarily have to reach 502.
Nokia Pegasus / Nokia Lanai = Asha 502 / Asha 503 (doubleshot)," tweeted @evleaks.
The dual-SIM Iris 502 phablet features a 1GHz processor powered by 2000 mAh capacity Lithium-Polymer battery which gives at least 400 hours of standby time.
This 502 Head Series is available in two models: the MVH502A and the MVH502AH, both compatible with the latest digital video camcorders and Hybrid DSLR cameras with medium/long lenses.
Sponsored by American Legion Post 502, the service begins at 10 a.
With his extensive experience and knowledge, we know he can hit the ground running and have a head-start on what is needed in Wayne County," said Vincent Gregory, president of Local 502.
By converting a device's HSSI interface to fiber, the IC-501and 502 eliminate HSSI's 50-foot (15 meter) cable limit.
The Intrusion PDS 502 integrates Safe@Home Pro technology adding remote office to headquarters VPN capability for the five-node office or home.
Heading west, you reach our new Waldwick Office, farther west along the same route is our Franklin Lakes Office, and at the western end of 502 in Bergen County is our Oakland Office.