54FFive for Fighting (and)
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Savings with Containment and Controls Operating kW 75F (24C) 85F (29C) 90F (32C) 95F (35C) 92F (33C) RA 54F RA 64F RA 67F RA 72F RA 64F (12C) SA (18C) SA (19C) SA (22C) SA (18C) SA contained contained contained & controlled Compressors 35.
An ideal night-time temperature is 54F, but in the daytime up to 75F will make your plant feel at home.
Edinburgh and Leuchars, with 79 degrees, vied for the title of Scotland's hottest spot yesterday but Lerwick shivered at just 54F with fog.
Keep them in good light and don't let the temperature drop below 54F.
Temperatures are due to plummet from a weekend high of 54F (12C) to a maximum of 43F (6C) today.
But Aberdeen was one of the cooler parts of the country, lagging well behind other cities at 54F.
However, it was a different story in the Western Isles, where Stornoway could only manage 54F (12C).
A breeze kept Aberdeen at just 61F, and Stornoway only reached a shivering 54F.
The top temperature will be 54F (12C), the minimum will be 43F (6C)ULSTER Unionist leader David Trimble said yesterday he would be prepared to re-enter government with Sinn Fein without any handover of IRA weapons - if there was a firm guarantee that disarmament was on the way.
With temperatures in parts of Britain set to reach 54F (12C) by the weekend, the only hope for snow will be in the Scottish mountains.
Temperatures are expected to be mild - up to 12C or 54F - but will feel colder because of the strong southerly winds.
In Glasgow and Edinburgh, the mercury hit a very pleasant 54F.