5FU5 Fluorouracil (chemotherapeutic agent)
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One of the intervention arms received intraoperative intra-arterial mitomycin C (MMC) and postoperative adjuvant MMC plus 5FU.
The levels of SGOT and SGPT both differ from the control values and point toward 5FU induced hepatic toxicity.
The other case was not evaluated for the number of tumor cells, owing to the limited size of the biopsy and because the patient was treated with a combination of cetuximab, irinotecan, and 5FU as a first-line therapy.
En el, se demostro que el tratamiento con 5FU y cisplatino es un esquema razonable, que no influye en el exito posterior de la cirugia ni afecta negativamente la morbimortalidad; ademas, la toxicidad es aceptable y se disminuye notablemente la probabilidad de recurrencia que habitualmente es 50% a 80% (15).
The ability of CD to convert nontoxic 5FC into toxic 5FU antimetabolite and its absence in mammalian cells has been exploited in enzyme-prodrug gene therapy and shown to control tumour growth (Hamaji et al.
Asi por ejemplo, El 5FU y el MTX causan en ratones deficits agudos en ciertas funciones cognitivas que requieren la integridad del hipocampo y del lobulo frontal (3).
Additionally, 5FU is metabolized to ribo- and deoxy-ribonucleotides, which act as false bases for incorporation into RNA and DNA.
We conclude that biochanin A may overcome 5FU resistance in PC and may be used in combination with other chemotherapeutic agents in treating PC.
He had surgery, an extensive colectomy and was treated with chemotherapy (Gemzar[R], 5FU and leukovorin) for 52 weeks
The new research, funded by Cancer Research UK and published in the British Journal of Cancer, shows that patients who had surgery and chemotherapy with a drug called 5FU alongside folinic acid, had a five year survival rate of 24%.
lusitaniae (27) involved 3 major genes: FCY2 coding for the purine cytosine permease, which enables 5FC to enter the fungal cell; FCY1 coding for the cytosine deaminase, which transforms 5FC into 5FU, and FUR1 coding for the uracil phosphoribosyl transferase, which transforms 5FU into 5FUMP.
A number of single agents have shown activity in metastatic SCCHN including methotrexate, bleomycin, 5FU, cisplatin, and paclitaxel.