8-DEight-Disciplines of Problem Solving
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The first set of 120 quaternions can be expressed as 120 special unit quaternions known as icosians which telescope 4-D discrete-space quaternions up to being 8-D discrete-space octonions to locate points that form a special lattice in [R.
Therefore, even though the icosians are telescoping us up to an 8-D space, their primary importance is that they represent 4-D operations in [R.
Therefore, the operations of the SM occur in discrete 4-D internal symmetry space, but they operate also in the discrete 8-D space because these icosians span both spaces simultaneously.
That is, the final combined spacetime is bigger than I expected, being isomorphic to a 10-D spacetime instead of an 8-D spacetime.
4-D discrete spacetime with a 4-D discrete internal symmetry space creates a unique connection to 10-D discrete spacetime, not to an 8-D discrete spacetime.
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8], essentially telescoping from 3-D rotational operations all the way to their representations in an 8-D space.
8], well known for being the densest lattice packing of spheres in 8-D.
Hence all linear transformations for the particles in a 4-D discrete spacetime have become represented by 240 discrete transformations in the 8-D discrete spacetime.
The 8-D result is analogous to the 4-D result but different.
8-D, Southboro, charged with assault and battery on a person 60 or older or disabled, continued to July 30.
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