8-PSK8-Phase, Phase Shift Keying modulation scheme
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The ZL10037 device is a strong solution for both low-cost standard definition PayTV boxes, and the emerging market for 8-PSK HD broadcast satellite equipment," said Bob Ferreira, DTV front-end product line director, Zarlink Semiconductor.
The ZL10038 device is a single-chip wideband direct conversion tuner that meets the full DVB-S2 performance requirements by supporting both higher order 8-PSK, and 16-QAM, 16-APSK (amplitude and phase shift keying) modulation schemes.
However, silicon tuners originally designed for QPSK applications do not deliver the low implementation losses needed to receive 8-PSK and 16-QAM signals in real-life operating environments, which include an RF spectrum crowded with strong unwanted signals, signal impairments caused by adverse weather conditions, and poorly installed equipment.
Our TDR-6 IRD has advanced signal processing to allow 8-PSK and 16 QAM modulations that substantially reduce satellite usage, an important requirement for the high bandwidth HDTV signals," said Bob Fitting, CEO of Radyne ComStream.
Benefits of the single chip Silicon Tuner are the reduced Bill-of-Material, reduced board space required due to small package size, suitability for 8-PSK and QPSK modulation, as well as low power consumption (less than 0,8 W).
Tropian's TimeStar(TM) Multi-mode Polar Modulator (the TR15230N) -- targeted at E-GPRS, GAIT, and ANSI-136/AMPS applications -- is a CMOS integrated circuit that is capable of precisely generating GMSK, 8-PSK, DQPSK, and FM modulation types using a conventional, non-linear (saturated-type) GSM power amplifier.
Saves Satellite Transponder Bandwidth And Cost - Includes Turbo Product Coding - Bandwidth Reductions Of Up To 50% For Traditional QPSK And Intelsat 8-PSK TCM - Up To 20 MBS Data Transmission Compliant With All Intelsat Open Networks