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802.3IEEE standard for Ethernet
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The investigative work undertaken by these two new IEEE 802.
The MGBASE-T Alliance members will support the work of the IEEE 802.
The new study group expects to lay the groundwork for a new Media Access Control (MAC) rate that will enable cost-optimized single-lane solutions that will increase network deployment efficiency, said Mark Nowell, chair of the IEEE 802.
Vehicular Ethernet for example, will bring a multitude of new users, ports, and applications into the system, resulting in a corresponding increase in bandwidth demand, said John D'Ambrosia, chairman, Ethernet Alliance; chair, IEEE 802.
The Ethernet LC Twisted-Pair Card comes with an industry standard RJ-45 port which allows you to connect directly to IEEE 802.
Potential participants include users and producers of systems and components for telecommunications carriers, Internet exchanges, financial markets, data centers, multiple system operators (MSOs) networking systems, high-performance computing, network storage and servers and other individuals interested in future IEEE 802.
IEEE, the world's largest professional organization advancing technology for humanity, today announced the approval of IEEE 802.
The new group is designed to measure industry interest and needs in the next generation of the IEEE 802.