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999Emergency Services Number (UK)
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999 caller "Can you keep a box of eggs open in the fridge?
The operator suggested he looked for the cigarette and told him 999 was for emergencies only, but the man said: "What I'm saying is, I can't find anything.
This year NWP received almost 410,000 calls - over the festive period between December 15 2016 and January 3 2017, the force handled 4,407 999 calls and 14,984 to its 101 non-emergency line.
Mr Lilley added: "The casualty was extremely grateful for the help she received and was reminded of the need to contact the coastguard via 999 should she be in, or witness, a similar situation in future.
SU-DOKU 5 NUMBER CLUES 0901 736 7687 (70p/call) ROI 1515 999 077 ([euro]1/call) SU-DOKU FULL SOLUTIONS 0900 586 4622 (60p/min) ROI 1550 999 683 ([euro]0.
Police response to emergency calls on 999 is also quicker, as the pressure of calls is now significantly lesser.
North East Ambulance Service (NEAS) 999 call handler Jill Davison stayed on the phone to Luke until the ambulance arrived and by that point, Michelle's breathing had improved and she felt well enough not to need hospital treatment.
December 27 (Sunday), 10:00 am - 5:00 pm - Baclaran, Cebu - Park Mall, 168 Mall, 999 Shopping Mall, Greenhills Shopping Center, Bicutan - East Service Road, and Festival Mall Level 2
A survey by parenting website Mumsnet revealed that of 757 respondents, 37% have not taught their child to dial 999, with nearly half of those (46%) not doing so because they don't think their child is mature enough.
In order to claim from insurance, I require a police report and the only way to get one is to call 999.
Major General Jasem Mohammad Bu Rumaitha, Director-General of Dubai Police Operations, said the 999 emergency line received 2.
A woman dialled 999 from outside Specsavers to report that she could not find her glasses, according to police who disclosed a list of inappropriate "emergency" calls.