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999Emergency Services Number (UK)
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SU-DOKU 5 NUMBER CLUES 0906 447 1431 (60p/call) ROI 1515 999 788 ([euro]1/call) SU-DOKU FULL SOLUTIONS 0900 586 4381 (60p/min) ROI 1550 999 105 ([euro]0.
SU-DOKU 5 NUMBER CLUES 0901 736 7687 (60p/call) ROI 1515 999 077 ([euro]1/call) SU-DOKU FULL SOLUTIONS 0900 586 4622 (60p/min) ROI 1550 999 683 ([euro]0.
A survey by parenting website Mumsnet revealed that of 757 respondents, 37% have not taught their child to dial 999, with nearly half of those (46%) not doing so because they don't think their child is mature enough.
Now they are urging people to call 999 only in a genuine emergency.
In a bid to cut down on timewasting calls, the force has revealed some of its strangest calls as it reminds residents that 999 should only be dialled in an emergency.
Christmas and New Year are among the busiest times for the emergency services and officers are asking people to use the 999 system wisely to help ensure a genuine emergency is not missed.
Another caller sought help from emergency operators after forgetting her Facebook password, while a man dialled 999 to ask how to dial the 101 non-emergency number.
A recent example is when a woman called 999 to ask for a lift home after a party in Middlesbrough as she had no credit on her mobile phone to ring a taxi.
In order to claim from insurance, I require a police report and the only way to get one is to call 999.
Major General Jasem Mohammad Bu Rumaitha, Director-General of Dubai Police Operations, said the 999 emergency line received 2.
Chief Insp Sally Holmes, from the force contact centre, said: "The key message remains that 999 is for emergencies only - when a life is in danger or a crime is in progress - and calls outside that should be made to the non emergency number 101.
A third woman called 999 to say she had just got out of a taxi and left her handbag in it.