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A-6Grumman Intruder Attack Bomber (Vietnam)
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Family separation also played a hand in his decision to leave the Navy, as well as the demise of the A-6 community.
Since the Series A-6 debentures allow for 10-year deferral, claims may be extinguished in respect of interest accrued during as many as eight years.
Based on Fitch's hybrid rating criteria, the Series A-6 debentures have a high equity component.
Class A-6 downgraded to 'CCC' from 'B' and assigned 'DR2';
Interest on the series A-4 - A-6 and series B-1 notes is taxable and determined by auctions to be held every 28 days and payable on the first day following each auction period.
The series A-4 - A-6 and B-1 notes are subject to optional redemption on any auction date at the option of the issuer only after all series A-1 through A-3 notes are retired, provided that if any series A notes are outstanding, the series B-1 notes may be optionally redeemed only if the senior parity ratio remains at least 105% and the total parity ratio remains 100.
Classes A-4 - A-6 are downgraded to 'A+' from 'AA+';
Fitch Ratings has assigned ratings to The City of New York's $350,000,000 general obligation bonds, fiscal 2004, tax exempt adjustable rate bonds, subseries A-2 through subseries A-6, maturing August 1, 2031, as described below.