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A-CAir Conditioning
A-CAmoxicillin-Clavulanic Acid
A-CApgar Minus Colour Score (pregnancy)
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For higher performance, an open-loop, flux-vector a-c inverter - an upgrade of the standard pulse-width-modulated (PWM) a-c inverter - provides an operating range of 100:1, with speed regulation of 0.
One manufacturer that makes a-c drives standard on extruders for up to 75 hp is Crown Machine Div.
Others caution against potential thermal problems with a-c drives, particularly if a-c motors have not been tested for variable-frequency duty.
The A-C Compressor Group complements GE's current ability to provide comprehensive solutions for our power generation and oil & gas customers," said John Rice, President and CEO of GE Power Systems.
A-C Compressors, formerly part of Allis Chalmers Cooperation, was formed in 1935 and acquired by Dover Diversified, a subsidiary of Dover Corporation, in 1992.
The sale of the A-C Compressor business to GE, where it will be combined with the Oil and Gas business, assure a solid continuation of the A-C Compressor growth orientation into the future.