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LandOak is being divested simultaneously with the purchase of A-G Tech.
The company will reissue new certificates of common stock to all holders of record as soon as practical following the acquisition of A-G Tech.
On July 3, 2002, the Company signed a new letter of intent with A-G Tech.
To meet the Company's cash flow needs during this time of transition and to provide funds necessary to fulfill the letter of intent with A-G Tech, the Company has secured $3.
This represents a major strategic thrust by Auto-Graphics," according to William Kliss, chief operating officer of Auto-Graphics and A-G Canada.
Subscribers to Impact/MARCit will have access to the shared resource A-G Databases of bibliographic and authority records that are:
Other records owned by Auto-Graphics and A-G Canada,
The A-G Databases include nearly 23 million unique bibliographic records, and over 6 million authority records.