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A-GPSAssisted Global Positioning System (used in mobile communications as a positioning system)
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Because the industry's existing certification standards for A-GPS do not include OTA testing, GPS antenna performance issues are not always caught prior to commercial deployment.
Integrated A-GPS and access to maps for more than 150 countries
0's acceptance across the wireless industry provides network operators a consistent platform to deploy A-GPS and location services.
In A-GPS positioning, the service uses both an A-GPS chipset in the handset and a position calculation engine at the mobile operator or service provider, to determine the mobile device's location.
A publicly traded company (OTCBB:LBAS), Location Based Technologies, headquartered in Irvine, CA, designs and develops leading-edge A-GPS location devices and customizable services that incorporate patented, proprietary technologies designed to enhance and enrich the way businesses and families interact globally.
Our long-standing partnership with Spirent now brings an LTE A-GPS OTA test solution to the industry, giving the design engineer a complete picture of real-world device performance.
A-GPS functionality allows our customers to take full advantage of our commercial GPS tracking systems regardless of environmental conditions, resulting in improved service and functionality.
It is a natural step to link Spirent's market leadership in A-GPS testing with ETS-Lindgren's leadership in wireless OTA test solutions," said Ron Borsato, solutions architect at Spirent Communications, who also chairs the CTIA's GPS OTA Subgroup.
NEC's A-GPS solution works on a network-assisted basis to combine location information of both GPS and base stations, realizing highly accurate positioning.
First Commercial Solution for LTE A-GPS OTA Testing Compliant with CTIA's 3.
IUSACELL's CDMA data network provides the location and data services that enable the highly accurate A-GPS locates of GPSit's FS1 family of covert tracking devices.
Our GPS simulation expertise and integrated test solutions such as ULTS have enabled the entire industry to address A-GPS performance issues early in the development cycle.