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In supporting customer migrations to all-IP networks, Tektronix has enhanced GeoProbe's monitoring capabilities to include the monitoring of Gb/IP, IuFlex interfaces and A-interface over SIGTRAN for real-time, end-to-end visibility of services running on mobile networks.
acceSS7 Location is based on Agilent's industry-leading, link-monitoring solution and newly developed hardware and patented software, which is able to acquire, correlate and analyze signaling data collected from A-bis and A-interface links in real time.
It connects to any GSM mobile services switching center (MSC) supporting the GSM standard A-interface and serves as an ideal traffic aggregator of WAVEXpress/BTS to a central MSC.
Harmonization of the A-interface between this switch and Motorola's GSM base station system has already been achieved.
A-interface harmonization has already been successfully completed between the Siemens' MSC and Motorola's Base Station System (BSS).