A-SMGCSAdvanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System
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The A3000 A-SMGCS will fuse multilateration and SMR surveillance data to provide air traffic controllers with precise surveillance of the airports' runways and taxiways, along with the identification of aircraft.
In our continuing focus on upgrading ANS Infrastructure to meet the anticipated air traffic growth, AAI has taken up the installation of A-SMGCS at 5 airports which will enhance the ground surveillance leading to improved access and enhanced safety of aircraft operations at these airports," said Mr.
The Nova 9000 A-SMGCS will be installed at Muscat International (Seeb) and Salalah International airports.
Saudi Arabia Selects Sensis A-SMGCS and WAM for King Fahad and King Abdulaziz International Airports Advanced - Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems and Wide Area Multilateration to Enhance Safety and Increase Capacity
The other question is affordability--smaller airports find the costs of A-SMGCS very high, so the only detection methods they use are human beings--this means they cannot operate at night or in poor visibility," said Dr Gao.
The NOVA 9000 A-SMGCS will be installed at Oman's Muscat International (Seeb) and Salalah International airports.
This partnership with QinetiQ will further boost our offering by adding increased runway safety solutions that complements our offering from A-SMGCS and Multi-lateration.
The combination of multilateration with our 'Vega' A-SMGCS system will ensure an unprecedented level of ground and air traffic safety for Russian Airports".
2) Surface Movement Radar (SMR) and Multilateration (MLAT) surveillance system as part of the introduction of A-SMGCS Level 1.
The radar complies fully with EUROCAE ED-116 and EUROCAE ED-87B standards for A-SMGCS Levels 1, 2 and 3.