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A-TAtaxia Telangiectasia (form of muscular weakness)
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Earlier studies had suggested that A-T results from mutations of several genes.
The Hire Power Awards is one of many accolades A-T Solutions has earned in 2012.
If both parents are carriers of a particular gene, there is a 1-in-4 chance that the child will be born with A-T, Valladares said.
Users of A-T Attitude via A-T Financial's network can now add the power of order execution to their A-T Financial desktop for an additional monthly fee.
But Meyn's study shows that genes within chromosomes of people with A-T play molecular musical chairs -- moving around at rates 30 to 200 times higher than those of normal cells, he says.
an information technology company A-T Solutions acquired in December 2010 that specialized in technology solutions for the intelligence community and the Department of Defense.
27 /PRNewswire/ -- A-T Financial Information, a leading provider of software for the financial industry, today announced the availability of on-line order execution through Preferred Technology, Inc.
Overall, blood relatives of A-T patients proved three to four times as likely to develop cancer from all causes as their spouses, who served as controls, the team reports in the Dec.
Ken Falke, founder and chairman of the board of A-T Solutions Inc.
This deal has helped us further expand our dialogue with America and claim the interactive talk niche in cable," said Elizabeth Tilson, vice president, programming for A-T.
Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, A-T Controls designs, develops and manufactures valves, actuators and valve control products including manual ball valves and automated ball valve packages; actuators for the automation of all forms of valves; positioners for precise modulating control; and valve control accessories including gearboxes and overrides, block and bleed valves, dribble control systems, lock-up valves, flow and speed control, dome indicators, filter/regulators and more.