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A23Assemblage 23 (band)
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The scare was sparked by a car with its number plates removed, which was found abandoned on the A23 near the south terminal at 8.
In Sussex, there were more than 15 crashes on and around the A23 at Handcross Hill which the fire brigade described as a "skating rink".
The driver stopped his articulated lorry on Friday night after seeing a car with a flashing blue light in his rear-view mirror on the A23, near Pease Pottage, West Sussex.
Road users heading to Gatwick Airport are advised that there will be overnight resurfacing work, between 8pm and 4am, on the eastbound A23 Gatwick Airport Way from Monday 16 November for 5 consecutive nights.
As the leading mobile application processor design company, Allwinner Technology will showcase during CES its latest flagship Ultra Octa Core A80 development board, named OptimusBoard, 4G tablets powered by Allwinner A31/A31s, and dual-SIM phablets sporting A23 dual core.
20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Allwinner Technology, a leading fabless processor design company, today announced that tablets powered by its latest A23 dual core processor have already entered the market and hit the shelf, just one month after the official launch of the A23 processor.
The glamour model was caught by a speed camera doing 83mph along the A23 at Pyecombe in West Sussex on December 10 last year.
Price, formerly known as Jordan, was fined 1,000 pounds and given three penalty points after she admitted breaking a 70mph limit on the A23 in Pyecombe, West Sussex, on December 10 last year.
Friends of the 35-year-old rushed him to hospital after the shooting on the A23 in Streatham.
The tragedy, described as ``carnage'' by police, was on the north-bound carriage way of the A23 at Pyecombe near Brighton at 4.
THREE men and three women were killed in a major road accident on the A23 main London to Brighton road yesterday.