A2BAccess to Birmingham (scholarship program; est. 2000; University of Birmingham; UK)
A2BAccess to Business (educational program)
A2BAverage to Benchmark
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A2B Speed has an aluminium frame and eight gear Shimano XT rear derailleur transmission.
From simulation and bench testing to validation and production testing, having a closed-loop system to measure audio and dynamic signal performance over an A2B network is an integral part of incorporating the bus technology into next-generation automotive systems.
The company is rolling out the initiative across its four UK firms - A2B Radio Cars in Birmingham and Solihull, Dragon Taxis in South Wales, Amber Cars in Leeds and V Cars in the South West of England - in the hope of raising PS75,000 for the charity.
Potential students are identified by their schools and have to pass an A2B module and a summer assignment.
The six-figure purchase has seen an additional 65 cars join A2B, and add around 10 new geographical locations to its patch with an anticipated 5,000 extra bookings per week.
Ford will use the AD2410 transceiver, the first product in the A2B portfolio, in four vehicle platforms moving to production in 2016.
Hero Eco has sold 8,000-9,000 units of A2B bike in over 22 countries including UK, the US, Germany, Canada in the past one year.
The company sold about 8,000-9,000 A2B electric pedelac units over 22 countries including UK, US, Germany and Canada in 2012.
A2B was fined PS25,000 in 2007 over the website UKPassportAdvisor.
A2B Plastics Ltd was established in 1958 and provides plastic injection moulding.
A2B lecturer Steven Poole said: "Learners continue to thoroughly enjoy the practical part of the course.
The A2B team want to make sure that hirers get their money's worth.