A2B3Ann Arbor Bi Bim Bop (technology lunch group)
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Training Subsets 2 and 3 was the same except that different samples were used: A3B3, A1C1, A2B3, A3B2, A1C3, A3C1 (Subset 2), and A2B2, A3C3, A1B2, A2B1, A2C3, A3C2 (Subset 3).
Thus when given A2B3, the subjects selected C1 because A2B3 had no element in common with A1B1.
For example, in the trained baseline relations, A1B1, A2B3, and A3B2 controlled selection of C1.
Class One = C1, A1B1, A2B3, A3B2) and that the C stimulus and the A and B stimuli within a given compound were substitutable for one another.
In the case of Participant 1, the S- stim uli were A2B3 and A3B1 .