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A2DPAdvanced Audio Distribution Profile (communication protocol)
A2DPAdvanced Audio Distribution Profile
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0 LITE Adaptive Bluetooth Neckloop, though the QLinkTV will also work with A2DP Bluetooth headsets, streamers and hearing aids or cochlear implants with t-coils.
1 (or earlier) specifications that support the Bluetooth hands-free or A2DP profiles.
Powered by a 4 x 45-watt amplifier, the Parrot RK8200 offers an iPod- specific connector, a USB port for flash drives and MP3 players, a line-in socket for analog sources, an SD card reader and streaming audio via Bluetooth A2DP wireless technology.
SEND CD-quality sound to your car speakers via a wireless Bluetooth connection with the A2DP.
La euforia inalambrica ha alcanzado practicamente a todos los usuarios de computadoras portatiles, quienes constantemente evaluan la adquisicion de perifericos sin cables; sin embargo, la escasa oferta en cuanto a equipos de audio wireless y de dispositivos compatibles con A2DP, asi como la minima informacion sobre estandares, complican la adopcion por parte de los usuarios.
AllGo has the expertise in customizing native services and java interfaces to provide IVI specific BT roles such HFP Hands Free Unit role, A2DP sink role, PBAP PCE role etc.
Predictive filters even fill in tonal details expunged by lossy Bluetooth[R] A2DP.
Additionally, this head unit has built-in Parrot Bluetooth for hands free calls and music streaming from A2DP equipped phones plus remote control of AVRCP enabled devices, built-in iGo primo navigation software with Latest Map Guarantee, user personalization with 5 UI color themes, RGB front panel LED lighting for thousands of colors, 5 selectable wallpaper backgrounds and the ability to up-load 12 user wallpapers as well.
agency-certified Bluetooth HCI transceiver module based on a standard radio, AVRCP and A2DP Bluetooth profiles tailored for the PI032, as well as both standard and advanced audio CODECs such as SBC, AAC and MP3.
BC6145 is the first ROM based mono device to support a new set of consumer-centric features including High Definition voice ("HD voice") call quality, A2DP music streaming and advanced intelligibility enhancements.
Acoustic Energy has summoned all its audio wizardy to conjure up this spellbinding system, equpping it with Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming for playing tracks wirelessly from your mobile.
The product receives and plays Bluetooth stereo streaming audio data direct from mobile phones, laptops or music players that support A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile) for advanced stereo, and the headphones also work with many non-A2DP Bluetooth devices in mono.